Big in Taiwan: Baby sebamed – 9-time champion and among the Top 10 baby brands!

“Mombaby” magazine is the highest circulation monthly magazine in the category of pregnancy in Taiwan. From 2003 to 2011, Baby sebamed was voted by 23,162 moms as No. 1 choice brand in three categories: cleansing, moisturizing and sunscreen. In 2011, along with a broadly conceived survey, “Mombaby” picked Top 10 Baby Brands which include all the categories for the first time. Baby sebamed is among the Top 10 winners based on 23,162 mom’s choices.

Taiwan’s annual birth rate amounts 7.2%, its total fertility rate 0.9, worse than any other country. Therefore the competition of baby market is getting more cut-throat and fiercer since baby sebamed started here in about 1998, particularly in recent years. But amazingly different to the lower birth rate in Taiwan, Baby sebamed increases sales every year: In 2011, it achieved another double-digit growth by adding +14%.

Appreciating these results Baby sebamed will proceed its successful story with new products including pH 5.5. For example with increasing more baby face care items and baby sun-spray to extend more children. Also the Mommy Care Line by Anti-Stretch Mark Cream as a first step. Last not least a new cleansing item, Baby Wash 400 ml, is going to be developed this year. Future looks brightly for a growing Baby sebamed family.